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#BG Reviewer: Five Finger Death Punch & Papa Roach Rock Budweiser Gardens

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First of all I'd like to give a great big thanks to Budweiser Gardens for giving me the opportunity to see two of my all time favorite bands.

I am not quite one of these people who will follow their favourite band around the world. However, searching out a Big Name Tour Concert during the summer is often also a good excuse for a nice city outting.

Having never heard or seen From Ashes To New,  although a short set the band sure delivered a mighty show. The band did a great job warming up the crowd up!

Next up was the great Nikki Sixx's band Sixx A.M. opening with "this is gonna hurt" they got the crowd up on their feet and moving. The energy the band exuded was phenomenal.

It's no surprise that on Friday night, Budweiser Gardens was packed with excited fans. California natives, Papa Roach, blew into town with one mission: to rock London. The Tour brought Papa Roach across Canada with From Ashes to New, Sixx A.M., and tour buddies, Five Finger Death Punch. But did they bring the crowd to their knees? Absolutely! From opening with Face Everything and Rise to the last chord of Last Resort, Papa Roach put on an explosive show. The best part was when lead singer, Jacoby Shaddix walked around high fiving fans and immersing himself in the audience. Starting the "Biggest mosh pit contest" with five finer death punch was an entertaining, action packed display of fan action as well.

As the lights dimmed and the deafening screams rang out, I thought back to 2011 and Rock on the Range- Winnipeg, MB.

Since their start in 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada’s Five Finger Death Punch have estab-lished themselves as a major commercial force in American heavy metal, selling well over 2 million albums and filling thousands of seats on tour from coast to coast. Singer Ivan Moody captivated the crowd with his lyrics and stage presence while the dual guitar attack of Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory chugged their way through songs such as “Burn It Down”, “Lift Me Up” and “Bad Company”.

Overall this was a great, high energy show! Thank you again to Budweiser Gardens for allowing me the opportunity to experience this show.

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