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#BGREVIEWER: Elf The Broadway Musical

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"We love you, We love you, We lovvve you!"

Thank you Budweiser Gardens for awarding us this awesome opportunity to be the #bgreviewer for the first show of the 2016/2017 Broadway in London season. Elf the Broadway Musical surpassed my expectations and my 10 year old daughter will forever remember her very first Broadway Show. As the #bgreviewers you are about to get two reviews for the price of one!

Review #1 (from Mom):

Elf The Broadway Musical made one of its only two stops in Canada at London's Bud Gardens on November 9th. The transformation of the "big show" layout to the RBC Theatre created an intimate setting for the festive holiday performance. The moment we took our seats we immeditatly felt the Christmas spirit in the air as the stage layout and design looked just like we had stepped into the snowy North Pole.

As the curtain opened we were met by Santa who gave a little "shout out" to our London Knights and told us a little bit about Buddy. The show then went into full swing with a dozen or so elves in brightly colored costumes singng, prancing and dancing accross the stage and before we knew it the Elf we all love, Buddy made his appearance! The 2003 movie Elf has been a family holiday favorite of ours so we were quite excited to see him.

The flawless performances moved from scene to scene easily with beautifully designed backdrops and props making us feel as though we were right there in the North Pole, New York City and the office in which Walter (Buddy's dad) is overworked.

The very talented writing by Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin added to the story of the classic film we know keeping us engaged and attentive. The choreography by Connor Gallagher was spot on to the amazing music and lyrics by Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin. Unfortunatley the merchandise booth was closed by the time we exited the show so we will have to search for a copy of the soundtrack. I just cant get "sparklejollytwinklejingley" out of my head! The costumes were all beautifully designed from the Elves to Santa and everything inbetween.

The cast was second to none! Buddy played by Spenser Micetich was a perfect fit to the akward elf who's vocals had us in awe. Daisy Carnelia played Buddy's sweet but sassy love interest Jovie, and the Store Manager played by Darius J Manuel were deffinate crowd favorites. Micheal protrayed by the very young and talented Wyatt Rogers shocked us with his strong vocals and dancing. The ensemble was fantastic bringing the stage to life with their presence.

We thoroughly enjoyed our first glance at Broadway in London and will deffinatley be back for more.  

Review #2 (from Daughter):

This was my very first Broadway Show! I am 10 years old and actually turn 11 on Christmas Eve so Christmas is my favorite time of year.

I've seen the movie Elf a million times and was very surprised at how they sort of changed and added parts to the story that I didnt know. When the show started I thought the set was beautiful. I thought it was pretty cool how the background changed with each part of the story. It was very funny and more modern than the movie, for example the elfs were taking selfies at the start of the show.

Buddy was so funny and so good at singing, I was also very shocked at how good Buddy's little brother Michael old is he??!! All of the songs were really catchy and the dancing went very good with all the songs.

My favorite part was when Buddy's dad was about to get fired if he did not come up with a good story and Buddy came in and started singing the song "The Story of Buddy the Elf", thats a very catchy song and was stuck in my head all day at school.

Thank you so much for our free tickets! I hope my mom will take me to see Annie next.

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