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#BGReviewer: Shanghai Acrobats amaze in London!

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Shanghai Acrobats has a history of more than 30 years and Chinese acrobatics has a history of more than 3,000 years, both were brought to the RBC Theatre at Budweiser Gardens last night. The audience watched as acts like diabolo, ball juggling and contortion came to life. The crowd was quickly captured and clapped throughout the night as the acrobats got more daring as the night went on.

In ancient China, acrobatics was a kind of street art but also loved by the royal families. In the modern era, they have transferred acrobats into a kind of synthetic stage art which combines acrobatic skills, music, dancing, lighting and so on. This is the Chinese acrobatics we can see now on stage and what the audience got to see Monday night.

The audience was treated to seeing the limits of the human body, so amazing that at times it left most sitting open-mouthed as they watched with wonder. Over 15 Chinese athletic artists combined with the rich music and sounds that capture the richness of China performed a show that combined dance with hypnotic and complex stunts and tricks, some of which are the most dangerous in the world and require concentration, strength and accuracy. Shanghai Acrobats combined ancient tradition with the contemporary.

With dazzling costumes, lights and a bit of romance, the show kept the audience interested and engaged the entire time.

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