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What Happens When A High Demand Show Goes On Sale?

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What Happens When A High Demand Show Goes On Sale?

Following The Tragically Hip on sale and in response to the inquiries from those who were unable to secure tickets, this blog explains what happens when a high demand show goes on sale.  

First and foremost our venue has an approximate 9,000-10,000 maximum seat capacity for concerts, depending on the stage setup. For a popular artist such as The Tragically Hip, the demand for concert tickets is at a premium. For example: there may be 60,000 people trying to get tickets for the show, when only 9,000-10,000 tickets are available. When you consider that most people buy more than one ticket for a show, this leaves a lot of people competing for a limited number of tickets. For high demand shows, we commonly sell all available tickets within minutes.

Here are some questions we would like to address:

Tickets to an event went on sale at 10:00am. I was online at 10:01 and the best available tickets were in the upper level, but 4 hours later I was able to get floor tickets. How does that happen? Can I exchange these for floor tickets?

  • When an event goes on sale, all customers are essentially competing for available inventory. This includes online purchasers, those who call the toll free ticket line, and those who line up at the Budweiser Gardens Box Office or other ticketing outlets (Books Plus and the Fanshawe College Bizbooth).
  • Customers purchasing tickets online can keep items in their “shopping cart” and then decide not to purchase them, or their page may time out, which would release those tickets back into inventory for sale at a later time
  • The promoter of the event may also decide to open up additional inventory at any given time
  • All ticket purchases are final sale; refunds and exchanges are not permitted

If tickets to an event are not on sale yet, how can re-sell sites such as “” already have tickets for sale at inflated prices?

  • Resale sites often claim to have tickets before the public on sale. You may notice that no section, row or seat numbers are mentioned because their agents have been unable to purchase at that point. They may also state that they have seats in an upper bowl section and that the tickets will be equivalent to or better than this, this is because they haven’t actually secured tickets yet.  
  • We strongly discourage our fans from purchasing on any third party website, and urge you to buy directly from the Budweiser Gardens website, toll free ticketing number, or in person at the Budweiser Gardens Box Office or from our outlets- Books Plus and the Fanshawe College Bizbooth.
  • Fraudulent tickets presented at an event as the result of a third party purchase will not be honoured, and no compensation will be given.


There are no more tickets available, can I purchase them through an alternative outlet?

  • Spectra Venue Management at Budweiser Gardens does not support the practice of ticket re-selling or ticket speculation (more commonly known as scalping) for any of our events. The only secure and verifiable way to purchase tickets to one of our events is through our ticketing systems and approved agents.

Tickets can be purchased at any of the following official ticketing outlets for Budweiser Gardens:

  • Budweiser Gardens Box Office (located inside Gate 1 at the venue)
  • Other ticketing outlets: Books Plus and the Fanshawe College Bizbooth
  • By phone at 1-866-455-2849
  • Online at
    (Our ticketing website is linked through our website which will direct you to the URL address field of….)
  • Other approved agents
    (Certain Live Nation shows have Ticketmaster sell their VIP Packages) 



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