Green Initiatives

Spectra Venue Management at Budweiser Gardens is committed to green initiatives to help the environment and reduce our impact.

Budweiser Gardens is a current member of the Green Sports Alliance and are actively participating in an energy reduction program through EnerNOC for demand response in Ontario. Below are a few things we are currently doing and involved with, along with a look at future projects.

Recycling/Green initiatives at Budweiser Gardens

  • Recycling program includes separation of food waste, cardboard, cans and bottles
  • Food waste (organics) are collected from our main kitchen and all our suite locations diverting approximately 4.5 metrics tons of food waste yearly
  • Cardboard is separated and bailed diverting 15 metric tons per year of cardboard from landfills
  • Cans, bottles, and plastic cups are separated diverting 19 metric tons yearly from landfills
  • Luxury suites use compostable utensils, cups, plates, napkins, soup containers and take out containers     
  • A total of 4,434 light bulbs, 237 ballast, and 1,823 batteries have been Recycled since 2009
  • Use post-consumer recycled paper products
  • Summer 2017 removal of 112 metal halide sports lights to be replaced By LED sports lighting, this will reduce consumption and the strain of Hydro by 345.000 kWh per year
  • Back of house areas to be LED retrofitted 2017/2018
  • LED Exterior lighting retrofit
  • London Knights Green Game

Ice Plant and Equipment

  • Ice plant start-up of compressors are sequenced to reduce start up load
  • Have minimized use of the third compressor on non-game days and is only used during games
  • Decreased hot water temperature from 180F to 150F
  • 3rd level exterior light has been reduced from 500w halogen lights to 300 halogen light
  • Reduced all original MR16 lights from 50w to 20w
  • Increased ice temperature in “covered” mode during concerts and other non-ice events
  • Utilizing night mode for the ice plant, reducing compressors use during off hours
  • Energy efficient appliances such as dishwashers
  • Fridges not used during summer months are unplugged