New Security Measures

For the safety and security of our fans, entertainers, players and staff, Budweiser Gardens employs the use of Garrett PD 6500i walkthrough metal detectors for all events taking place at the venue. Qualified designated security personnel will be onsite to facilitate the screening as well as any secondary searches that may be required. Patrons who require alternative screening options due to medical or accessible reasons may request this upon arrival at the venue.

Fans that refuse to submit to either a walkthrough, wand or pat-down search shall be refused entry.

Step By Step Guide

  • Upon arrival to your entry gate please have your ticket ready for scanning.
  • If you have a bag/purse, please have it open and ready for security to search.
  • Once you arrive at the metal detectors, you will need to remove any of the items shown below and place them in a basket on the security table. Please note: if you have a bag/purse with some of the items shown below inside, you do not need to remove these items from your bag/purse, simply have your bag/purse open for security to check. 

Metal Detector-Blog Image-BG18

  • If you have a bag/purse you will need to hand it to security before walking through.
  • Security will direct you when to walk through the metal detector.
  • Once through and cleared by security, you can collect any items/bags placed aside.
  • Prohibited items will not be returned. For a list of prohibited items, please CLICK HERE

Questions? Please call 519-667-5700