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#BGReviewer: Corey Hart

Reliving my teen years with Corey Hart and Glass Tiger last night at Budwieser Gardens!

In 1985 my best friend and I waited all night and all day in the blazing sun to get up front at the Corey Hart concert at London Gardens. My friend got heat stroke and after treatment from medical, we spent the rest of the concert sitting at the back. It was still one of my favourite concerts. Corey was so sweet and passionate. Flash forward to 2019 at Budweiser Gardens in a comfy air-conditioned arena and Corey is still just a sweet and lovely as ever.

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#BGReviewer: The Illusionists

The Illusionists Live! On the stage at Budweiser Gardens was an incredibly magical evening, pun intended. I was never that kid who wanted to learn card tricks, who wanted to be a daredevil or who wanted to grow up to be a magician. But I can sincerely say that I am now an adult to wants to do all of those things.

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Spring Fever at Budweiser Gardens!

Coming off a high from a successful JUNO week you’d think the building would slow down but not for Budweiser Gardens with just over 30 event taking place within during the spring months!

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#BGReviewer: Kinky Boots

You really could not ask for a more spectacular night out than seeing Kinky Boots the Musical. Of course it’s a story about being who you were truly meant to be but it’s also a story about overcoming adversities. And not just adversities that you face while trying to rebuild a failing business but also those you face while trying to live authentically in a world that tells you to fall in line and to blend in with the ‘norm.’ Kinky Boots the Musical makes you question what is ‘normal’ anyway and who decided on these arbitrary rules? This show will make you realize just how much life there is to live once you shed societal pressures and decide to live your truth, whatever that truth may be.

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Before I start my review, I would like to thank Budweiser Gardens and Downtown London for making this experience possible.  My two favourite activities are writing and going to concerts, so writing a concert review for a band I love is perfect!

Days before the Twenty-One Pilots concert, dedicated fans camped outside of Budweiser Gardens to guarantee a spot close to the main stage. After attending Twenty-One Pilots’ first concert in London, Ontario, you’ll see why fans will do anything just to get as close to the band as possible.

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#BGReviewer: Godsmack and Volbeat

Before I start in on my review, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Budweiser Gardens and Downtown London for making last night possible.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  For those who are reading, please understand that all opinions of this incredible night are my own.

As the rain fell in a melodic state outside, a storm was brewing inside Budweiser Gardens – a storm of epic guitar riffs and pyrotechnics. So it began!     

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#BGReviewer: Stars on Ice

The show started off with a fun video of the skaters lip-syncing to The Buggles "Video Killed the Radio Star" playing on the video screens (check it out HERE).  This led right into the skaters appearing on the ice and starting the show off with a bang to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

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#BGReviewer: Alice In Chains

First off, a big thanks to Budweiser Gardens and the awesome #BGReviewer program that they have been running for some time now. What a great way for a lucky fan to be able to attend a show, event, or concert in exchange for a review of the experience! I have been fortunate enough to be chosen as a reviewer in the past and each time, the experience has been fantastic!

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