Quick Tips for a Great Music Festival Season!

June 01, 2018

After an unforgiving winter the sun is finally shining and the weather is warming up which means one thing… festival season! Music festivals are becoming an essential element to a great summer, but if you’re not prepared things can go terribly wrong.

Festivals are more common than ever and have somewhat moulded into a rite of passage for young adults. Whether you’re a festival veteran or attending one for the first time, here are some quick tips and tricks to physically and mentally conquer festival season with your friends!


Save up!

First off, we all know that festivals don’t come at a cheap price. If you’re hesitant about shelling out the money, try to find methods well in advance to save up some extra cash. Forego a few weekends out, skip a few online shopping sessions, eliminate restaurants and take out orders and pick up a couple more shifts or hours at work.


Research the music!

In order to fully embrace a music festival, you should be well educated on the various artists that are performing. Festival line ups are constantly getting larger and broader which means that you might not know every performer. Do some research well before the festival and you may end up finding your new favourite band or artist! No one likes being in the middle of a crowd when they don’t know the words, so throw on some tunes and listen up!


Make a playlist in advance!

Speaking of tunes, what better way to get fully amped for a festival than blasting music on the drive in? Prepare a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or SoundCloud and you’ll have everyone’s eyes on you and your besties as you cruise into the grounds.

Charge it up!

You finally squeeze your way to the front row as your favourite artist takes the stage, you look at your phone… and it’s at 1%. Sounds like a living nightmare right? This scenario occurs too often so make sure your phone is fully charged up until the minute you walk into the grounds! Another tip to save battery is to keep your phone on airplane mode at all times except for when you want to post something on social media or find your friends if you get lost. Another great trick to save battery is to turn off “background ap refresh” and turn on “low power mode”. Also be sure to look for charging stations in advance which will help you later if your battery is close to dying.


Designate a meeting spot!

More times than not, cell service isn’t the best at festivals due to the large amount of people in one area. In order to avoid getting lost from your friends and taking on the festival solo, your crew should designate a distinct meeting spot. This helps save time and stress if you end up becoming stranded from the group. Somewhere such as a food truck, radio station tent or a promotional activation will make getting lost a breeze!

Plan your outfit and be comfortable!

A major aspect of festival season is the fashion, but looking good means nothing when your feet are hurting, your toes are blistering and you top is so tight you can’t breathe! Choose an outfit that you feel confident in but has previously won the test of durability. Another valuable tip is to purchase more affordable sunglasses and shoes at an inexpensive store prior to the festival. It would be a tragedy to have $150 ray bans broken by someone else’s foot. Make a trip to the dollar store, Giant Tiger or Walmart so that you won’t feel too guilty if you ruin your clothes!


Keep your money safe!

It’s 2018 and fanny packs are IN. Nothing is better than a fanny pack or waist purse to keep your money, ID and other belongings safe and secure. Purses and wallets are stylish but they do not past the logistical test of a music festival.  Be sure to bring both a debit card and cash in case different vendors require different methods of payment.


Last but not least, take in every moment!

Festivals are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in their own unique way. You can never have the same experience at a festival so be sure to appreciate every moment even if you are lost from your friends or are listening to an artist you don’t like. Take lots of pictures, wear sunscreen and have an amazing time rain or shine!


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