Adoptable Pet of the Month

Sep 17, 2019

In January 2019 Budweiser Gardens partnered with the Humane Society of London and Middlesex to launch an Adoptable Pet of the Month program. The program features one adoptable pet each month on our social media channels with information on how to adopt the featured pet.

The program was built to work with our local humane society in helping with the awareness of adoptable pets while also gathering great content for the venue’s social media channels and allowing for a stress break at work for staff members. The pet of the month will usually visit the office to get their photo taken in/around the venue, then its playtime for the staff! The program has been a huge success thus far with all of our featured pets finding a forever home.

January: Ozzy – ADOPTED

  • 4-year-old Cane Corso and Boxer mix Loves to play fetch
  • Very food motivated and responds well to positive-reinforcement training 
  • Prefers an easy walk harness 
  • Enjoys cuddle time on the couch 
  • Looking for a family that is okay with drool, enjoys daily walks, and has large breed experience. He is also looking to be the only animal in his forever home!

February: Wyatt and Wrigley – ADOPTED

  • 4-month-old Yellow Lab and Golden Retriever mix
  • These two brothers made a special appearance at the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend at the Masonville location back in February

March: Apollo, Aries, Asteria, Athena - ADOPTED

  • 9-week-old German Shepherd mix puppies
  • All of them have lots of energy and love attention!

April: Joe – ADOPTED

  • 5-year-old beagle/puggle mix (aka a PUGGLE)
  • Loves attention and has a goofy personality
  • Favourite hobbies include being pet and eating treats
  • Toys are fun but Joe would rather have someone give him affection instead
  • Knows how to sit but is selective with his listening skills

May: Tobi - ADOPTED

  • 7-year-old Coonhound
  • Loves to sniff everything
  • Good with other dogs but not a fan of cats
  • Very calm


  • 3-year-old Fox Hound
  • Lots of energy
  • Gets along great with other dogs and cats
  • Loves kids!

July: Mal and Alina - ADOPTED

  • 3-month-old Tortoiseshell cats
  • Full of energy and a little bit of sass!

August: Carrot and Cabbage - ADOPTED

  • 6-week old bunnies
  • These two were featured at an adoption event at Ren’s Pets last month. This specific adoption event highlighted smaller animals such as guinea pigs and bunnies.

Humane Society London & Middlesex (HSLHM) was established as a non-profit organization in 1899 and exists to improve the lives of animals in our community by providing temporary shelter and appropriate new families for surrendered, neglected & mistreated animals.

Recently the HSLM adopted a new approach to taking donations. In order to provide the healthiest meals and maximize the team’s efforts to focus on the care of the animals, they are now providing a list of donations of things we will only accept.  For a list of items needed CLICK HERE

We are always happy to help our furry friends find their FURever home and we’re excited to continue the program this season. A big thanks to the Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator at the Humane Society of London and Middlesex, Emily Bunney, who brings the animals to the building each month!

Did You Know?

  • About 2,000 animals are provided shelter and care (including medical care) by Humane Society London & Middlesex each year.
  • Humane Society London & Middlesex never euthanize for space.
  • HSLM Animal Protection Officers respond to more than 1000 reports of animal cruelty every year – removing animals in need and support the laying of criminal charges when warranted.
  • HSLM Animal Protection has the sole power to remove animals from homes where they are facing abuse, neglect, and abandonment.
  • We provide education to teach individuals of all ages the importance of humane treatment to animals and the responsibility of pet ownership.

Are you interested in adopting a pet? CLICK HERE for more information.