#BGReviewer: Cheech and Chong

Oct 02, 2019

Nostalgia was in the air, both literally and figuratively. Walking up to the venue, I was greeted by a throng of Cheech & Chong fans, the majority of which were partaking in some cannabis accoutrements. The anticipation was high for this legendary America-Canadian stoner comedy duo.

Highlighted on the screens across the upper bowl were the words "This is a no smoking venue", very apropos for the evening's event. In the crowd, I could hear various impressions of some of the comedy duo's most iconic bits, as well as several "Dave's not here" t-shirts scattered throughout the crowd.

The show opened with some storytelling by Chong's wife, Shelby, as she detailed their adventures in Canada and in Oneida earlier in the day. With the legalization of marijuana here in Canada, Cheech and Chong took advantage of the opportunity to take in the full and varied selection available on the reserve.

Shelby and Tommy have been married for over 30 years, and she's been with Chong through the pangs and perils that inevitably come with being an icon of cannabis culture. Shelby told the story of Cheech and Chongs chance meeting in Canada while Marin was living in BC for almost 3 years early in his career. Shelby also went on to detail Tommy's brush-ups with the law and his 9-month incarceration for selling paraphernalia.

After a short and very funny set by Shelby, Cheech and Chong took the stage and immediately went into arguably their most familiar bit "Dave's Not Here." For their tour, the duo took some creative license and added some spin to their familiar bits that added an element of surprise which was well received.

The O Cannabis Tour features many classic bits and musical numbers, including appearances from Blind Melon Chitlin, The Redneck, Cheech in a Tutu air guitaring to Earache My Eye and a performance of Tommy Chong's "Does Your Mama Know About Me" as made famous by Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers.

After some storytelling and sharing of their experiences in comedy and film, including Tommy's regaling of his time on That 70's Show, the duo closed out the night with a medley of songs, including one of their most anticipated "Mexican Americans."

Overall, the O Cannabis tour stop in London was highly enjoyable and was worth seeing. We may not see this iconic duo tour extensively in the coming years, but I can imagine that our legalization of cannabis will lure them back around these parts again.

#BGReviewer: @JimiJamesT
Photos by: @BillWoodcock 

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