#BGReviewer: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - in Concert

Jan 22, 2018

The evening began as witches, wizards, and muggles of all ages assembled into the venue for a magical night filled nostalgia for some, and a new joy for others. As Harry Potter lovers old and young gathered into Budweiser Gardens you could see a sea of fans dressed in their Hogwarts robes and scarves sporting their house proudly while sipping on a delicious brew of Polyjuice Potion sold as the drink special for the evening.

The London Symphonia began to tune as everyone took their seats and some enthusiastic attendees began to cheer. The conductor addressed the crowd and welcomed everyone and encouraged all fans to cheer for their house throughout the movie, and the crowd obliged.

Throughout the show the London Symphonia delivered an outstanding performance, never missing a note.  I can only imagine the sheer talent and precision it must take for such a large group of professional musicians to have their backs facing a film while playing along and not missing a beat, creating a truly unique and memorable experience for all. The crowd cheered as the late Alan Rickman appeared on the giant screen and the Symphonia played his unmistakable theme, and they continued to cheer as each of their favourite characters appeared and the Symphonia played their coinciding thematic phrase identical to the original soundtrack.

Just like that, the magical evening spent with muggles alike had come to an end with a certain feeling of needing to say “nox” to turn out the lights for the main event. As the credits rolled and the London Symphonia was lead by their rather animatic conductor the crowd showed their appreciation by sending off the Symphonia with a roaring standing ovation.

Thank you again to Budweiser Gardens for giving this Harry Potter obsessed muggle the gift of witnessing such an incredible and magical performance.

Kira Longeuay

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