#BGReviewer: The Harlem Globetrotters

Apr 16, 2019

This past Saturday my family and I were treated to an afternoon out at Budweiser Gardens to catch the legendary Harlem Globetrotters! We entered the venue to see a massive countdown clock to the start of the show and an impressive merchandise display for kids to ogle over at one end of the court.


The Globetrotters' mascot Globie came out right before the show started to do a round of musical chairs with show attendees to get the crowd pumped up, and then finally the moment we had all been waiting for. The Globetrotters' infamous whistling theme song began and all of the team members jogged onto the court with the crowd cheering. The team's leader Hammer Harrison did an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire show and it was also great to see that the Globetrotters have a few women playing for them now as well. At one point Hammer played a prank on the entire audience by having us all look under our seats for a Harlem Globetrotters jersey that he claimed to be giving away, only to have everyone realize he was pulling a fast one on us all. Another hilarious notable moment was when he had the DJ play the Lion King's Circle of Life and Hammer convinced parents to hold their small children up to re-enact the scene of Rafiki holding up Simba to the sun. By the end the Washington Generals had somehow "hacked" the scoreboard so they had no choice but to do a "sudden death" sort of scenario where whatever team scored 8 points first would be crowned the winner. Of course the Harlem Globetrotters came out victorious!

All in all this was an excellent way to spend the afternoon with my family and we look forward to spending the Downtown Dollars at Winks Pub & Eatery!

#BGReviewer: @kira_longeuay


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