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June 14, 2017

I must premise this review by saying Cirque du Soleil’s OVO is an absolutely amazing show. I am so thankful that Budweiser Gardens gave me the opportunity to attend the show with my family and friends. We got to Budweiser Gardens and were told that our seats were being upgraded to the 100 level when we previously had picked up 300 level seats. This was great news for us and we looked forward to having even closer seats. The new seats were perfect and located on the side of the side. When entering the arena, the stage is set with a massive ‘ovo’ (egg) and there are characters walking around the room with bug catcher nets and little fluttering butterflies making it already unique from any other show.

Every performer in the show is a bug, so it begins with red ants doing a juggling act with kiwis and corn on the cob. Except, this wasn’t normal juggling, they did it all with their feet! Throughout the show there is a ladybug, dragonfly, spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches and more! The character that finds the ovo is definitely one of the most entertaining performers. He gets the ovo stolen from him and tries to get it back, but meanwhile he ended up inhaling too much bug spray at one point and even became attracted to the ladybug as well as various other things happening to him.

It was neat that there was live music included in OVO as well, since the performers do not tend to speak, well English that is. The drumming was great and the singing was so beautiful, they did an amazing job. The live music was an aspect I did not expect to see at Cirque du Soleil but I really enjoyed it. The costumes were extremely detailed as well, just as I expected them to be. Some of them were even scary, some were huge and some were very colourful. But, there was such a large amount of detail in the costumes and even the makeup, did not go unnoticed.

Although the entire show was amazing, my favourite performances included the tightrope walking where the performer put a unicycle on the tightrope and placed his head on the seat and moved along the tightrope (below). I also liked the trampoline and tumbling acts which were at the finale. I liked this act because they were both moving simultaneously and I found myself smiling because I was so entertained, looking everywhere trying to take it all in.

I liked the couple using the straps that came from the ceiling. I imagine that doing this routine must take so much strength! Sometimes they would both be holding onto a strap while flying in the air and other times just one of them was holding the strap while the other held onto them. I found the contortion acts to be neat as well, it is mind-blowing how they can twist their body that way. I thought it was great that they included the audience as well by bringing members up on stage. This is always really entertaining and enjoyable for the audience.

Overall, I had an amazing experience seeing OVO. If you are thinking about going, there is still time and you should definitely do it! The costumes, music, performances and storyline were all stunning. I don’t think there is a bad thing I could say about the show, I was really impressed by everything.

#BGReviewer: @Nic0leCorbo

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