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Mar 03, 2017

It never ceases to amaze me how Disney can take me, and anyone of my generation, back to the simpler times of our youth. Last night was the Canadian debut for Follow Your Heart, a new show for Disney On Ice! My kids, as I am sure many others, were so excited to see Frozen, Finding Dory and Inside Out- three new shows that Disney On Ice has yet to bring to the London area. The show did not disappoint, as I was swept away by the costumes, skating and choreography. The entire atmosphere made me want to be a kid again. The only thing I enjoyed more than the show itself was the look of excitement and joy on my daughters faces throughout the show.

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I do want to compliment Disney on the flow of the whole show. Having “Follow Your Heart” as the overlaying theme was great as I think this is something that Disney has embraced and something that resonates within all of its movies and shows.

My husband and I both noticed how well it worked with Inside Out as the main theme of the show and then having the trials, tribulations and emotional victories come out through the other characters stories. We got to see all the stories intertwine, from Beauty and the Beast to Snow White to Finding Dory and a little Toy Story and then of course ending with everyone’s favourite Frozen. If you are looking for the Disney experience, look no further than this show! From Mickey & Minnie to Dory & Nemo to Elsa, Anna & Olaf- this show really had everything you could have wished for. The favourite part of the night for many in the audience was of course the Frozen storyline, which by the way was the better part of the second half of the show. The moment that everyone was waiting for was of course the scene where they got to join in and sing along to the movies hit song 'Let It Go'. What a moment it was and a great was to end the show! 

Disney did a great job putting everything together and we can’t thank Budweiser Gardens enough for choosing us to be the BG Reviewers for this show. What an experience!

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