Halloween Costume Inspirations

Oct 15, 2019

Are you excited about Halloween but does the question: “What should I dress up as?!” pop up in your mind every time you think about it? No stress! We have scared up loads of ideas for costumes, inspired by your favourite performers who have stopped at Budweiser Gardens, to get you dressed effortless this Halloween! 


Group Costume ideas



The bands are well known for their elaborate face paint and outfits which makes for an awesome Halloween costume!

  • What you need: White and black face paint, black long wig, platform shoes, leather pants


Def Leppard

Have you ever wanted to feel like a Rockstar?

  • What you need: Bandanas, black outfit with a hint of leopard print, shoulder-length wigs with lots of volume, leather jacket


London Knights

  • What you need: London Knights jersey, hockey stick, hockey helmet. Take it a step further by blacking out one of your teeth!


Dixie Chicks

  • What you need: blonde wig, guitar, halter top. Want to make this a gag costume? Dress up as a chick and include song lyrics with your costume!


Kids Costumes


Paw Patrol

  • Skye: Pink goggles, pink outfit, pigtails, brown face paint
  • Marshall: White paint, black face paint (for his spots), firefighter hat, red outfit
  • Chase: Police hat, blue outfit, brown face paint

You can also catch Paw Patrol LIVE on stage this December at Budweiser Gardens! Get your tickets today



Disney Characters

Disney has provided us with a lot of inspiration for Halloween over the years and there is an unlimited list of costume ideas to choose from!

  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy
  • Toy Story
  • Princesses
  • Inside Out

Peppa Pig

Peppa is an easy costume that you can put together with 2 items!

  • What you need: Pink face paint, red dress


Harlem Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters are bringing their all-new tour ‘Pushing New Limits’ to Budweiser Gardens in April

http://bit.ly/32djVAt In the meantime, why not get pumped up for the event by dressing up as your favourite Globetrotter!?

  • What you need: basketball, red blue and white basketball jersey, sweatbands



Couples Costumes



Budweiser Gardens hosted an Avatar inspired Cirque du Soleil show and the costumes and makeup were out of this world! Show some Na’vi love this Halloween and dress up as lovebirds Jake and Neytiri <3

  • What you need: light blue and dark blue face and paint, blue bodysuit, black wig with  braids


Tim & Faith

Soul to Soul! Try dressing up as county music's favourite couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill <3

  • Tim: Cowboy hat, button-up shirt or suit
  • Faith: Blonde wig, glamourous dress




Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince of Darkness is the perfect costume for this spooky holiday!

  • What you need: Long black jacket, shoulder-length black wig, eyeliner, bloody bat


David Bowie

Feeling under pressure deciding on a Halloween costume? You’ll need just a few items to pull off this Ziggy Stardust look. 

  • What you need: Red mullet wig, red and blue face paint

Ed Sheeran

  • What you need: Short red wig, black rim glasses, flannel shirt, guitar



You know you are a legend when you can turn yourself into a symbol. Why not have an iconic Halloween costume and emulate Prince?

  • What you need: Purple suit, white ruffled shirt, black chin-length wig




Theresa Caputo

I can see it now… you’re going to look great in your Long Island Medium costume!

  • What you need: Extra-long press on nails, platform heels, blonde wig with a large pouffe,


Tessa Virtue

Recently Tessa and Scott announced they would be retiring from competitive skating. Pay tribute to Tessa’s historic skating career by recreating one of her fabulous skating looks for Halloween! Don’t miss the iconic skating duo when they bring Rock the Rink to Budweiser Gardens at the end of the month!

  • What you need: Skating outfit or some type of sparkly dress, red lipstick


Reba McEntire

All you need for this look is a shoulder-length red wig with bangs and lots of layers. Make sure you are smiling and cracking jokes the whole night!


Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is one fierce WWE wrestler with a style that matches! Grab a purple or blue wig and a glittery bodysuit and you’ll be good to go!