Where do I go if I need assistance?

Any member of our event staff (ushers/ticket takers) can provide assistance. They can be identified by their grey jackets. You can also visit the AM980 Guest Services Desk located just inside gate 1 by section 112 for any and all questions or concerns.

Does Budweiser Gardens provide a coat check?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a coat check service.

What time do doors open to the public for each event?

Typically doors open 1 hour prior to each event. Please be sure to check the event page on our website for the correct time.

Can I smoke when attending a Budweiser Gardens event?

Once doors are open to the public, no spectator will be allowed to exit and reenter the venue. This includes exiting for the purpose of smoking.

At what age do I need to purchase my child a ticket?

Generally, children 24 months and younger are admitted free of charge for family events as long as they are sitting on a lap unless otherwise stated. For all other performances, all patrons require a ticket. Please check out the event page to get specific ticketing details for children.

How old must children be to attend an event without being accompanied by an adult?

Children 12 years of age and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older when attending all events.

Can I bring my camera to a Budweiser Gardens event?

Camera policies are subject to change for each event and are dictated by the artist/artist management. Please see our policies page for our standard camera policy. Click here to see the policies page.

Are there ATMs inside the building?

Yes, ATM’s can be found near Gate 1 beside the London Knights Armoury, on the concourse outside of section 104 and beside the Jack Daniel’s Bar across from section 308.

Where is the lost and found located?

On the night of the event, any lost and found items are collected at the AM980 Guest Services Desk beside gate 1. To inquire about a lost and found item following the event, please call 519-667-5730.

Can I bring outside food or beverage into the venue?

Budweiser Gardens prohibits all outside food and beverages from being brought into the venue. If you have an allergy or medical/dietary restriction that requires you to carry a specific item, please contact Doug Kinsella at Doug.Kinsella@spectraxp.com.


Can I leave the venue and come back once the doors have opened?

Once doors are open to the public, no spectator will be allowed to exit and reenter the venue. This includes exiting for the purpose of smoking.

Who can I speak to about an outstanding staff member

We love to hear great things about our staff. If you have a great experience with us, please share it with us the night of the event at the AM980 Guest Services Desk beside gate 1 or in the following days by calling 519-667-5700 or emailing feedback@budweisergardens.com.

Did you know?

Each show designs and runs their own set, lighting, and sound. In most cases, this equipment travels with the tour and is set up the morning of the show. Some tours even travel with their own stage.

Some shows travel with as little as 1 semi-truck of equipment to load in the morning of the show. Other shows like Cirque Du Soleil can travel with 27 semi-trucks and take two days to set up.

Our friendly ushers are a great resource for seating issues, noise/volume concerns, other patron concerns and any displeasure you may experience while attending an event.

Wheelchair escorts are available from any gate at Budweiser Gardens. This service can be arranged when you arrive at the event. Simply speak with your ticket taker and we will have someone pick you up and bring you back to the gate at the end of the event.

We offer hearing assist for some quieter shows. If you have/are having trouble hearing a show, please see the AM980 Guest Services Desk if this service is available.

All set times, intermission lengths, camera policies and additional security measures are dictated by artist management.

Why am I seeing a pending transaction from OVG Hospitality on my credit card?

When a food or beverage item is purchased at a bar or concession stand the card is swiped on the point of sale device and a pre-authorization amount (the transaction total and some buffer room for a tip) is sent to your pending transactions. At the end of the evening, any tips (if applicable) are added to the order and the transaction is closed. This amount will also get sent to your pending transactions. Within 24 hours all credit cards are closed back of house and your order total including a tip (if applicable) will hit your posted transactions. The initial pre-authorization amount may remain in your pending transactions for a few days, but will eventually disappear.       

Should you have an incorrect amount hit your posted transactions, do not hesitate to reach out to Doug Kinsella by email at doug.kinsella@oakviewgroup.com or by phone at 519-667-5751.