Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your organization? Whether you’re a school, a non-profit organization, sports team or community group, use our event tickets to help raise money and awareness for your group. Tickets may be upsold for the full value and your group keeps the difference.

There are Two Ways to Fundraise at Budweiser Gardens

  1. A customized online event booking system where tickets are reserved for your group in a block that then allows you to communicate to your group via e-mail, intranet and social media channels about your event. Group participants book their exact seat locations and pay themselves via a secure payment system. As the group organizer, you can see who and how many have booked and if you need to increase or decrease your seat block. It’s as easy as it sounds! Once you finalize your event and release seats a cheque is issued and sent within 2 weeks of the event.
  2. Block seats with the group sales department for your desired event and then communicate to your group via e-mail, intranet, and social media. You would then collect the names of your group members that want to buy tickets, along with their ticket money. If tickets cost $30 each you sell all the tickets for $40 each, you'll keep the $10 per ticket. You then contact our department and give us final numbers and payment.

Here's the best part: Your group gets to see an exciting event without paying extra service charges per ticket, and you get to keep the rest of the money that you've collected as profit for your group!

Give our Group Experiences department a call at 519-667-5744 and we’ll take you through the step-by-step process to raise funds for your group!