#BGReviewer: Blue Rodeo

Feb 17, 2020

The lights go down on the Start.ca Stage Performance at Budweiser Gardens and the crowd stirs with anticipation of an intimate evening with Blue Rodeo and special guest Elliott Brood. Brood, consisting of Mark Sasso, Casey Lafort and Stephen Pitkin, take the stage and open their set with “Dig a Little Hole”. Self-identified as “death country”, the rhythm of each song allows us to tag along on a joy ride through not only the local haunts of Southwestern Ontario but also cross country. Each song has a story to tell with “Banjo Song” is dedicated to Call the Office, the aptly titled “Oh, Alberta”, and double-double of ukuleles taking us to “The Valley Town”. 


Blue Rodeo took to the stage and relished in the celebration of their 35th Anniversary together. It was special to be in the crowd during such a momentous occasion for the band. Opening with “5 Days in May”, they had the crowd in the palm of their hand. The chemistry of the band is infectious as each band member had numerous moments in which to showcase their talents; especially during “Willie’s Diamond Joe”. Most notable was Greg Keelor’s haunting vocals, and amazing light effects, during “Diamond Mind”, Jim Cuddy’s soulful rendition of “After the Rain” on piano, and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”. The last part of their set had the audience on their feet, dancing and singing along to some of their top hits. The encore was no less impressive with Jim breaking into a crowd favourite, “Try”. As always, the band kept with tradition, ending the concert with “Lost Together”. If I can retain a small part of the magic of this intimate evening with Blue Rodeo, then I want to remain “lost”; at least until the next time we see them down the road. 




Elliott Brood

Dig a Little Hole.

Jigsaw Heart.

‘til the Sun Comes Up Again.

Without Again.

Northern Air.


Oh, Alberta.

The Valley Town

Banjo Song


Blue Rodeo

5 days in May

What am I doing here

I can’t hide this anymore


Head over heels

Bad timing

Diamond mine

Fools like you

I shall be released (Bob Dylan cover)

New morning sun 

The railroad 

After the rain

Willie’s Diamond Joe (Willie P Bennett)

You’re everywhere 

Till I am myself again

Hasn’t hit me yet




Lost together (with Elliott Brood)