#BGReviewer Chris Young

Nov 05, 2018

The crowd at Budweiser Gardens definitely lost sleep last night after Chris Young’s performance. Young brought his Losing Sleep Tour to London Thursday evening, along with special guests Morgan Evans, and Dan and Shay.

Morgan Evans, being a young and upcoming country music star got the evening buzzing, with his hit song “Kiss Somebody”. The Australian showed his natural musical talent, going solo with no band behind him. 

It was lucky that Dan and Shay even made it to the Forest City after they were in a bus accident Wednesday evening, but they came and I can guarantee everyone was left Speechless. I mean who wasn’t drinking Tequila that nigh especially after the duo left London in awe closing out their opening act with their #1 song, Tequila.

Star of the show, Chris Young, made his appearance kicking off the final act with one of his top hits Lonely Eyes. As soon as he sang the first note, everyone knew they were in for an unreal show. Young wanted to make it very clear that he wouldn't be here today without his friends and family who encouraged him to chase his dreams but also not without country music icon Vince Gill, who he features in his Grammy nominated song ‘Sober Saturday Night’. 

Staying true to his every-man ideals and proving even the biggest stars count on an amazing team, Chris Young took the time to introduce each member of his band - giving up the spotlight for very unique solos throughout the night.  From ‘Hanging On to Voices’ and of course ‘Think Of Me’ Chris Young, really delivered what the crowd wanted. 

As all country music artists say, they love being in the great white north, and if Chris Young wants to come back, I’m sure the Budweiser Gardens staff and Londoners would be more than happy to make that happen.

Jamie McKee 

Photos by @BillWoodcock

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