#BGREVIEWER: Come From Away

Nov 23, 2023

Well, hello there. I’m Liz and you may know me from such places the Midday show on FM96 and I am thrilled to be back as your Budweiser Gardens Reviewer for the award winning musical ‘Come From Away.’


I had heard amazing things about this show from friends and family who had already seen it. So, I will admit, my expectations were pretty high. I am happy to report that ‘Come From Away’ exceeded them all.


‘Come From Away’ maintains its heart and humour while tackling a tragic moment in history. This is not an easy feat. It finds hope in time when so many felt hopeless and shows the healing power of human connection. 


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how Canadian this musical is. There are more than just a few references to ‘grabbing Timmies’ and picking up a few things from ‘Shoppers’. It will also make you want to become an East Coaster yourself and I have no doubt you’ll be booking your trip to Newfoundland in no time. 


I laughed, I cried and I loved ‘Come From Away’ 


#BGReviewer: Liz Gogol from FM96 and 103.1 Fresh Radio
Photo by: Bill Woodcock