#BGReviewer: Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic

Mar 03, 2019

Last year, I saw Disney on ice for the first time. I was wowed with captivating choreography, astounding acrobatics and creative costumes. Last year’s performance really raised the bar. This year did not disappoint.


Let me begin by saying that if you’ve seen Disney on Ice in the past, you definitely need to see it again!

After seeing Disney on Ice last year, I was skeptical about this year’s performance and how it would differ—after all, it is based on the same class and new Disney movies; however, there was a significant difference!


The entire show was broken into two acts with a 15-minute intermission. Each act had a few fun skits, and a longer performance including our Disney classics (and Disney Pixar) like Pinocchio, Aladdin, Beauty and the beast, Toy story and our new favourites like Finding Dory, and Frozen!


I have always loved a variation of Disney movies. I love the classics just as much as I love the new movies (yes, I’m that childless adult that will go see the newest movies with my fiancé if my nephews and nieces are unable to come!) Last year, I attended Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream, which was beautiful but focused solely on the princesses and heroes of the princess movies. This year, I was incredibly pleased to see a variety of movies including Mulan—which they made into a mini-performance summing the movie up in a matter of ten minutes including a Chinese Dragon on ice. One word: Spectacular!


The show was complete with pyrotechnics, snowflakes drifting through the air, and the music and stories that we all know and love. It was surely a night to remember.


Unknowing that we had extra passes aside for us, my fiancé and I enjoyed a fun-filled date night. He’s never been much of a Disney fan, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure Disney melodies run through my veins, he enjoyed himself! I caught a few glimpses of him in total and utter astonishment between the mesmerizingly beautiful costumes (we both have a lot of respect for the performers who are able to dance wearing the costumes they do – like Lumiere and Pumba!), the engaging ice dancers, and the outstanding skating and tricks from the cast!


The show had everyone engaged in the fun—parents and children alike! The youth of the crowd was dressed as royalty and their favourite characters (We saw a couple excited Olafs!) and some parents sported the classic mouse ears.


Disney on Ice: 100 years of Magic left me feeling the kind of happiness we often felt as children over the littlest things that we tend to overlook as adults. As we left our seat and made our way out to the main doors we ran into a little boy (no more than six) belting Reflection from Mulan, and many more quietly singing other Disney songs.


Disney on Ice brought the happiest place on earth to Budweiser Gardens, and it was a show we won’t soon forget. Appease your inner child, and bring your loved ones to enjoy a little bit of magic if not for one night.


Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic, 1 night of pure joy.


#BGReviewer: @kambder
Photos by: @BillWoodcock

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