#BGReviewer: Jersey Boys

Nov 11, 2019

When I discovered that the Jersey Boys musical would be returning to the Start.ca Performance Stage for Broadway In London at Budweiser Gardens I knew I wasn’t going to miss it. Saturday night’s performance was not my first time seeing the highly acclaimed show about the life of Frankie Valli and the members of the Four Seasons.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the Four Seasons’ catalogue of music I guarantee you would still recognized many of their massive hits like Sherry, Walk Like A Man and Oh What A Night. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you dancing in your seat and singing along to the songs like me and the so many others in the crowd always do. Their music defined an era and still lives on today. It’s amazing to see how it takes over the audience and transports everyone back to that time.

b Sherry-400w.jpg

d Recording Studio-400w.jpg

The story of Frankie Valli’s life and the relationships he had with his group-mates in fascinating to watch unfold right in front of you onstage. Jersey Boys highlights the struggles and hardships that come with a life of glitz and glamour being a performer. Oh, What a Night it was! 

o Frankie Mary PIzza Kiss-400w.jpg

a Finale-400w.jpg

#BGReviewer: Liz from 103.1 Fresh Radio 
Photos by: Joan Marcus