#BGReviewer: PJ Masks Live! Save the Day

Apr 10, 2019

This past Saturday my 4 year old and I were fortunate to have won tickets to the PJ Mask performance. My son had a wonderful time as the concert was quite engaging with all of the bright stage lighting and optics. The songs were those he know and was able to sing along with.


Our seats were in section 111 which allowed us to be close enough to have clear line of sight of the stage without obstructions. I was surprise the actors were adults as opposed to kids as you could tell mobility was challenging as they moved through the equipment lodged on the stage. From an adult perspective I found the stage set up to be limited with props or backgrounds as it appears they production was heavily reliant on the screen optics to add to the storyline. Again the graphic screen effects were vivid and brought the viewer back into the performance as the images mimicked street driving and scenery.


Concession stand staffing were friendly and were able to navigate through the line up quickly without long waits. The ushers were helpful and professional.  The bathroom and facility was clean and met the consistency standards we are used to during our visits.


#BGReviewer: @KenMoser_84
Photo by: @BillWoodcock

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