#BGReviewer: STOMP

Apr 13, 2018

I’d like to start off by thanking Budweiser Gardens for the opportunity to attend STOMP with my son. As we walked into the bowl from the concourse we were struck with a colourful and dynamic stage with soft lighting. The performance started right on time as the stage lit up and a solo man with a broom walked on stage. We were expecting an immediate solo act, however he evoked anticipation from the crowed as he calmly grazed the stage. The crowd was quick to have a chuckle when an audience member made the double-whistle at the performer as he was walking around silently with his broom. He started to sweep and before you knew it cast members were filling the stage with a soft beat. The rhythm quickly attracted the audience as everyone started to tap along to the intense beat. It was absolutely incredible to see what the cast members could do with just brooms! As the show progressed from various objects the cast members continually inspired the audience with dynamic sounds and dance moves.

The show truly embraced the emotion behind the art of musical entertainment. The show filled the RBC Theatre with so much creative energy that was suitable and appropriate for all ages. We particularly liked the urban feel of the music and sound with Afro-centric tones. The performers were very engaging and leveraged some many unique common objects to create varying degrees of sound and motion leaving us as audience members wanting more as each set progressed. Overall it was great entertainment for the whole family as tons of children all ages amongst the crowd clapped and danced along to the new sounds.

Once again, thank you Budweiser Gardens for the tickets and thank you STOMP for a sensational performance.

#BGReviewer: Ali Moser

Photography: Bill Woodcock


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