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May 18, 2017

BGReviewer-Blog Image.jpgMore than just a tapping good time.

Riverdance 20th Anniversary danced its way into Budweiser Gardens, London on Thursday May 18th and surely left everyone smiling and tapping their feet wanting more.

Our Mother/Daughter evening started off with a fabulous dinner at Olive R. Twist. I've eaten at a number of restaurants in the area before events but this was my first time being able to get into here, and now I know why! Make sure you arrive very early if there in an event going on a Bud Gardens as they do close the kitchen down to ensure those attending an event will be able to eat and make it across the street prior to show time. The service was top notch and the menu has something for everyone. My mother enjoyed a chicken caesar wrap and said it was one of the best dressings she's had on a caesar. I dove into a ginormous meal that quickly became the most enjoyable leftovers the following day. If you are looking for ribs, Olive R. Twist is the place to go!!! I ordered a half rack and wings which came with enough food to feed an Irish dance troop.

We made it to our seats as the crowd started buzzing and shortly after the music started. A lone woman entered the stage singing in an angelic tone, she made many appearances during the show as the story rolled on. Slowly and in the dimmed light the dancers inched onto the stage and then we were off. From Michael Flatley's original dance about the sun to a passionate Flamenco Soloist, each scene told a story about their ancestor’s thoughts and way of life. Act I ended with the powerful "Riverdance" performed in a line that could, in my opinion, out dance the Rockettes.  

Act II kept the dancing, singing and musical instruments coming and definitely ramped up the energy. We saw a hilarious battle between Male Irish Dancers & Principal against two American Tappers that left the audience in stitches and roaring for more. Between dances, the musicians were given their time to shine at centre stage, three ladies and a male percussionist took the show to another level. A smooth saxophone, a fierce fiddler and an ultra-talented musician that changed between recorders, a two handed instrument that looked like an accordion and a uilleann pipes which the national bagpipe of Ireland. Rounding out the scenes we once again saw the sultry Flamenco Soloist and the dazzling Russian Folk Troupe who stole the spotlight with their jumps and spins.  

Riverdance has been seen by over 24 Million people worldwide and after their stop in London, Ontario you could see why it is one of the longest running and best dance shows ever. With their perfect taps and kicks, brilliant musicians, heavenly singers and all around amazing company this show will without a doubt see many anniversary shows to come.

Author: @TheAmberHope

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