Trackside Tips and Tricks

June 01, 2017

Hello June! We have officially made it to the warmer weather and you know what that means right?!? Festival season is upon us! If you’re a seasoned festival goer you’ve had your fair share of mishaps in forgetting essential items. With Trackside Music Festival just a month away, we wanted to provide you with some solid festival advice because we know you may be a little rusty from hibernating all winter.

One of the most important pieces of advice we can give you, and I’m sure your parents would agree, is to bring SUNSCREEN! There is nothing worse than getting burnt on your first day of a multi-day festival. We know that in the excitement this is often the most forgotten step, but trust us you don’t want to be struggling through day 2 due to a serious burn. Slap on that SPF 30 and avoid getting burnt altogether.

So now that you’ve basically bathed in sunscreen to protect yourself from any painful sunny aftermath, what’s next? Packing the essentials! Are you a small backpack kind of person or have you got a fanny pack to hold your phone, keys, and money? Either way, you’ll want to pack a few things that will certainly come in handy when partying all day and night:

  1. Sunglasses – because you don’t want to be squinting all day
  2. Hand sanitizer – two words porta potty
  3. Portable phone charger – Because you will be excessively snapping, Instagramming and texting
  4. Hat – a baseball cap, bandana or cowboy hat, whatever you want, just shade your head from the sun's exhausting rays, trust us! Helpful tip- if you don’t feel like packing a hat, you can always grab one from the merch tent onsite! 

Trackside Blog Image 1.jpg

Sunglasses and a hat! This guy is smart.

Aside from packing the right things, you’ll want to be wearing all the right things too. Since Trackside kicks off early in the afternoon, naturally you’ll want to wear a tank top and shorts, but remember it gets cool at night, especially if you get a burn during the day…Hello goosebumps. It may be wise to pack a sweater for when the sun goes down OR bring some money and pick up a festival sweater at the merch tent! We must say the most important thing to get right as far as your outfit goes is COMFORTABLE SHOES! You’ll be on your feet all day, so chances are they’ll start to kill after a few hours if you’re wearing the wrong footwear. Trust us, you and your feet will thank us when the festival is over and you can still walk. One thing to remember is that this will be Canada’s 150th Birthday, so why not wear some red and white to showcase that national pride.

And last but certainly not least don’t forget about your squad! You came to Trackside with one or two or even a group of friends…so don’t lose them! It will be busy, shoulder to shoulder in certain areas even, so link arms, hold hands, and make a group chat so you can all enjoy the festival together! #SquadGoals

Follow our advice and you are almost guaranteed to have a great time at Trackside! Hey, even if you don’t follow our advice you’ll still have a good time, who can have a bad time with Thomas Rhett, Brett Kissel and many more singing to you on Canada Day weekend?!

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