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OH Canada!

Canada is home to some of the greatest artists and musicians EH? Budweiser Gardens has been lucky to have many of those Canadians perform at our venue over the past 16 years and we are honored that we will be hosting the 48th annual JUNO Awards which were founded to raise the public profile and recognition of musical artists in Canada.

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Charitable & Environmental Initiatives at Budweiser Gardens!

Budweiser Gardens has experienced the thrill of many amazing acts and performances throughout the years. Providing a space where artists can connect with thousands of people is truly a great feeling, but nothing compares to the feeling we have when we are able to help out our community.

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#BGReviewer: Simple Minds

It was 1985, a momentous year, as it was the year of my high school graduation and that winter  a song came out that tapped into the collective romantic zeitgeist of all the teens of the 80s. So Simple Minds entered the consciousness of my generation and we were swept along with dreams of romantic detention periods and hoping there was a Judd Nelson or Molly Ringwald (though I was an Ally Sheedy guy) who we could join with in our revolt against authority. Strong dreams friends, strong dreams.

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#BGReviewer: Keith Urban

In a lot of ways, Keith Urban’s return to Budweiser Gardens must’ve felt a lot like coming home.

After all, this was the eighth time the multi-award-winning country star has graced the London stage — more than any other artist in the history of the venue — and if trends continue, it’s a safe bet it won’t be his last.

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#BGReviewer: Slayer

Thirty-seven years. Nearly four times longer than The Beatles were together. For a band that screams about violence and death, Slayer has had an amazing lifespan.

One of the original thrash metal bands that rose to prominence in 1980s California, the quartet has consistently pumped out hard-rocking records and performances. There have been only a few member changes over the decades. Fewer than their peers and rivals in Metallica, for instance. Slayer’s sound and image have also been far more consistent. Their fanbase has shown undying loyalty as a result.

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#BGReviewer: Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL

Cirque du Soleil CRYSTAL is a 'chilling' performance filled with never-before-seen acrobatics and stunts on ice that is sure to impress any audience! This exhilarating show combines protagonist, Crystal with a variety of music ranging from orchestral, pop, and polka to take the audience on a journey into Crystal’s imagination.

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Quick Tips for a Great Music Festival Season!

After an unforgiving winter the sun is finally shining and the weather is warming up which means one thing… festival season!

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