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New Year, New Decade, New You!

We’re just over a week into a new decade, and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! Whether it’s eating better, making time for hobbies, or finally learning a new language, New Year’s resolutions abound.

Though it’s great to make a New Year's resolution, it doesn’t matter unless you follow through. Studies show that only a small percentage of people making New Year’s resolutions accomplish what they set out to do.  The problem is that most people get too ambitious and set unrealistic goals, without a plan to follow through and get shit done. Instead, tap into the energy and motivation that comes with the New Year, and harness it for real, actionable results.

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Looking Back on 2019 at Budweiser Gardens!

As another year ends, we reflect on the fantastic year we’ve had at Budweiser Gardens from many sold-out shows to hosting the most significant event the building has ever had! We are so proud of all the accomplishments we’ve had over the past year, and we’re glad we got to celebrate this year with all of our patrons, partners and staff.

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Tequila Tequila Tequila!

Mix it in a margarita or give it to us straight, who would say no to tequila? We’re celebrating the London Tequila Expo presented by FM96 happening this weekend with a margarita and a quick history lesson. Turns out, there’s a ton of stuff we didn’t know about Mexico’s fave drink!

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#BGReviewer: Jersey Boys

When I discovered that the Jersey Boys musical would be returning to the Performance Stage for Broadway In London at Budweiser Gardens I knew I wasn’t going to miss it. Saturday night’s performance was not my first time seeing the highly acclaimed show about the life of Frankie Valli and the members of the Four Seasons.

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#BGReviewer: Arkells

While some say Arkells have ‘skyrocketed’ to Canadian fame, that’s not the case. They’ve earned their way as demonstrated last night at Budweiser Gardens.

The crowd was abuzz as Arkells fans stormed the arena in their best leather jackets and rainbow tassels. A sense of community permeated the venue as Londoners came out to collectively enjoy their favourite band.

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Halloween Costume Inspirations

Are you excited about Halloween but does the question: “What should I dress up as?!” pop up in your mind every time you think about it? No stress! We have scared up loads of ideas for costumes, inspired by your favourite performers who have stopped at Budweiser Gardens, to get you dressed effortless this Halloween! 

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#BGReviewer: Dean Brody and Dallas Smith

Last night, Canadian country music talent was on full display at Budweiser Gardens!  Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, MacKenzie Porter, and Chad Brownlee, along with The Reklaws, proved that “Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone”, and the audience was treated to an incredible show.  Walking up to the venue, in a mass of plaid shirts and cowboy boots, there was a buzz in the air that only amplified once inside Budweiser Gardens.

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