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#BGReviewer: CATS

It’s kitschy, fun, and the music, composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is spectacular. The sets, costumes, and choreography will transport you and shrink you down in size to experience a cat’s world as you meet all kinds of eccentric furry felines. 

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Country Music Week 2021

The 2021 Canadian Country Music Awards and Country Music Week are fast approaching! We've got all the information you need to help plan your week!

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What Happens when a High-Demand Show goes On Sale?

In preparation for the Luke Combs on sale and in response to the inquiries from those who are unable to secure tickets, this blog explains what happens when a high-demand show goes on sale.

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Please keep an eye on your email, our website and social media for updates on upcoming events at Budweiser Gardens as we monitor the current COVID-19 situation and follow the direction from health officials.

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National Indigenous History Month

In June, Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month to honour the history, heritage and diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is also an opportunity to recognize the strength of present-day Indigenous communities.

National Indigenous History Month is a time for learning about, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have made in shaping Canada.

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Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a celebration of the achievements and advancements of the Black community. After a 2020 filled with national calls for racial equality and international Black Lives Matter protests, many are wondering what they can do to support the Black community and celebrate Black history in 2021.

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Random Acts of Kindness

12 Days of Holiday Cheer

It's been a roller-coaster of a year but for today's #12DaysOfHolidayCheer we're encouraging you to do a Random Act of Kindness! The holiday season is soon upon us and gift-giving is probably already on your mind. Sometimes, the best gift is giving to those in need. This holiday season, look into your community to see if there’s an event you can volunteer at or an organization you can donate to. Here’s a list to start you off on your search for organizations to give back to in London.

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Anxiety Coping Strategies from the Canadian Mental Health Association

It is normal to feel anxious, stressed and lonely during these uncertain times. Increased isolation, change in routine, and fear can all have a major impact on our well-being. Although we can’t always control external events, we can control how we respond to them. Here are some tips from the Canadian Mental Health Association on how to regain power during these difficult times.

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